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This Is A Excellent Water-cooled Plate Pressure Blasting Test Bench

Nov 22, 2019

In the modern industrial production process, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and the application of digital display control water-cooled plate pressure burst blasting test machine is particularly extensive, and plays an important role in stable production and optimization control.

As we all know, there are many kinds of pressure bursting test machines. Users need to choose the pressure bursting test machine suitable for their own use according to the actual working conditions, so as to achieve relatively good cost performance. How to choose the pressure bursting test machine for specific working conditions?


Take the Dongguan Suncenter digital display control water-cooled plate pressure bursting test machine, one of the major suppliers of fluid control valves at home and abroad. For example, the Suncenter technicians combined with the water-cooled plate pressure bursting test machine commonly used in the market and many years. Experience, introduced the main functions and characteristics of the application of water-cooled plate pressure burst tester.

According to the technical staff of Suncenter, this pressure bursting test machine is developed and manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant inspection test standards and industry requirements. It is pressurized by a pneumatic booster pump and equipped with a voltage regulator to improve the stability of the equipment. And reliability, at the same time the pressure speed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and pneumatic proportional pressure feedback control, which can accurately control the accuracy of pressure, advanced control principle, good pressure holding effect and real-time automatic pressure compensation.


This digital control water-cooled plate pressure bursting test machine is specially designed for water pressure and pressure blasting test of water-cooled plates in new energy vehicles and lithium battery electric vehicles. The water-cooled plate plays a role in cooling protection in lithium batteries, but once The leakage of the coolant in the water-cooled plate is incalculable.

This digital display controlled water-cooled plate pressure blasting test machine has pressure pressure holding time setting and blasting test pressure memory function, and increases the test box body, which is suitable for water-cooled board testing of different specifications. As a well-known fluid equipment manufacturer, Dongguan Suncenter can provide users with a full range of industrial system automation solutions for professional consultation, design, selection and installation.