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Standard Type Characteristics Of Gas-liquid Pressurized Cylinder

Feb 21, 2017

With the development of industrialization, slowly automation technology has developed rapidly in recent years, production in the manufacturing industry, gas-liquid pressurized cylinder has a central role, it replaced the original large punch machine, now only uses a small gas-liquid pressurized cylinder can achieve large punch work that cannot be done, look at Sen extension standard characteristics of gas-liquid pressurized cylinder.

Standard pressurized cylinder design and reasonable structure, easy operation, fast, stable and large output. The fuselage is the headquarters of electro-supply pipes, MPI seals of the United States, product performance than its peers. Powered by 2-7kg/cm2 ordinary compressed air, ISOVG68#) as a medium size piston area, Pascal's principle of conservation, so that the original low pressure oil pressure increases dozens of times, the pressure increases, output increased output of piston rod, pressure ratio maximum 100:1, the maximum output of up to 200T (known as the Sen King of the pressurized cylinder extension) can be customized output of 1-200 tons. Installation for formal or horizontal installation. Installation is relatively simple.