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Standard Pressurized Cylinder Features

Feb 21, 2017

1: body beautiful: product design, beautiful appearance;

2: speed: speed is faster than hydraulic, pressure stability;

3: output: up to high output power of hydraulic systems;

4: easy to control: manual foot pedal and control can be achieved:

5: easy installation: install a variety of installation methods are available to different occasions;

6: easy to maintain: cylinder structure simple and light, easy to carry, so maintenance is quite simple;

7: low energy consumption: mechanical continuous pressure or stop action, the hydraulic system motor must run with it than pressurized cylinder power sources, Liao JI energy consumption equivalent to hydraulic system of 10%-30%;

8: less failure: no temperature rise of hydraulic system trouble.

9: high quality materials: all seals are made of imported components, to ensure our products are able to achieve long life, high accuracy, large output, small size.

In short, if we do not have gas-liquid pressurized cylinder, in our production process will give us a lot of inconvenience, but we have to do our own product, give the customer a high quality pressure cylinder and perfect after-sale.