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Pump Selection Method (process)

Feb 21, 2017

I. list basic data:

1, medium characteristics: medium term, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosivity, toxicity, etc.

2, contained in the body of the medium particle size, content.

3, medium temperature

4, the required flow rate

5, pressure: sump pressure bleed tank pressure, the pressure drop in the pipe system (head give away).

II. determine flow and head:

1, traffic is selected one of the important functions of the pump, it is directly related to the production talents and qualities of delivery of the equipment. Planning skills program can calculate pump, minimum, maximum, three flow. When the pump is selected, on the basis of maximum flow, and normal traffic, when there is no flow, generally preferable to normal flow of 1.1 times the maximum flow.

2, equipment system for the head is another important function of the selected pump data, common to 5%-10% margin to lift after the selection.