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Principle Of The Test Pump

Feb 21, 2017

It turns power (such as electric motors and internal combustion engines, and so on) can convert the mechanical energy of the liquid pressure. Works: cam driven by electric motors rotation. When cam push plunger upward movement, the volume decrease of formation of piston and cylinder seals, extruded from a sealed volume in oil, check valve into the place you want to go to. When when you rotate the cam to drop part of the curve, the Spring forces the piston down, a certain vacuum level, the oil in the oil tank volume of liquid at atmospheric pressure into the seal. Cam make plunger constantly lifting seal periodically decrease and increase volume, pump constant oil absorption and discharge of oil.

Test pump test

Features: testing pump is designed for all types of pressure vessels, pipes, boilers, cylinders, valves, pressure vessels, fire equipment for laboratories and receive ideal equipment of high pressure liquid in the hydraulic pressure test. Pressure testing pumps and auxiliary pressure test, test engineering, pressure tests have been applied in the field of aviation, and defense-related research focuses on the development of the project application. Underground for China's major scientific research projects such as: tests of high pressure blasting, deep sea, space technology, such as high temperature and high pressure tests, special-shaped tube test, and made a significant contribution.