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Pressure Testing Machine

Sep 03, 2017


Pressure Testing Machine Basic Info.


Type:Steel Pipe Testing Machine


Maxcapacity:up to 4500t


Loading Method:Mixed




Control:Computer Control


Weight:Depends on The Technology Proposal


Power Source:380V/415V/440V




Pipe Diameter:3.5′′-8′′; 8′′-24′′


Pipe Length:6-18m


Delivery Time:6-8months


Trademark:HAO KUN






Pressure Testing Machine Description

    Hydrostatic testing machine(Φ 89mm-Φ 2540mm)

Full hydrostatic steel pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machine (Φ 89mm-Φ 2540mm )is one of our main products, for steel pipe pressure test and eliminating the internal the stress on the pipe.

By usage, our hydrostatic testing machine can be grouped into: Hydrostatic tester for spiral welding pipes, high frequency straight seam welding pipes and ordinary fluid delivery pipe lines; High pressure and high efficiency hydrostatic tester for petroleum jacket pipes. Drill column and oil pumping pipes; By structure, they can be grouped into: Twin beams with lower feeding type, twin beams with lower feeding type, four beams with middle feeding type. Twin beams with lower feeding type is the most efficient model among all our hydrostatic testing machine products.

Model 200T/D180 is able to perform pressure test for 3 pipes at the same time, with a test speed at 120 PCS/h. Whereas a remarkable feature of four beams with middle feeding type is a test capability for a higher pressure, suitable for large caliber pipes. Our model 2800T/D2540 Full Hydraulic Steel Pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machines, exported to India and Malaysia, have a testing capability of 2800 ton for pipes with diameters from φ 406mm-φ 2540mm.

Our hydrostatic testing machine products have been put to operation in many firms such as Qingxian Shengli Petroleum Steel Pipe Factory, Zhejiang Jiuli Stainless Steel Pipe Company and Jinzhou Group, and have received favourable reputation and recognition from the clients for advanced technologies and reliable performance.