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One Minute For You To Understand The Pneumatic Booster Pump For Carbon Dioxide Extraction

Dec 15, 2019

Pneumatic booster pump, I believe that everyone is familiar with this kind of mechanical products, and many fields use pneumatic booster pumps, and today's protagonist is one of the pneumatic booster pumps - "carbon dioxide The “pneumatic booster pump” is a liquid carbon dioxide booster pump. What is the liquid carbon dioxide booster pump? In fact, this liquid carbon dioxide booster pump is a popular fluid control device for carbon dioxide supercritical extraction of various plant extracts, material foaming, and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher filling.


Liquid carbon dioxide booster pump diagram


Liquid carbon dioxide booster pump use site map

Carbon dioxide extraction is often used in biopharmaceuticals, experimental research, and this "carbon dioxide extraction" pneumatic booster pump works by using a special pump for liquid carbon dioxide to pressurize carbon dioxide to a supercritical state, which is used to decompose various elements in plants. For extraction. Commonly used models are DGGD40, DGGD100 and other special carbon dioxide pumps.

To sum up, the "carbon dioxide extraction" pneumatic booster pump is a special pneumatic booster pump developed by Dongguan Suncenter for the "carbon dioxide extraction" industry. Although the pace of pneumatic booster pumps is spread all over the world, there are also specific subdivisions. Be sure to understand your own working conditions.

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