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Hydrostatic Test Pump

Aug 22, 2017

Hydrostatic Test Pump Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HLT12

  • Automation: Non Automation

  • Production Scope: Parts Production Line

  • Size Range: 3, 2kg/5kg/6kg/11kg/12kg/12.5kg/50kg

  • Transport Package: Standard Seaworthy Package

  • Origin: Jiangsu China

  • Certification: ISO

  • Rhythm: Flow Production Line

  • Products: LPG Cylinder Tank End Dish Necking Machine

  • Trademark: Longterm

  • Specification: depends on machine

  • HS Code: 85152100

Hydrostatic Test Pump Product Description

LPG cylinder tank End dish necking machine

Description of machine
Technical data
Motor power:4.5-11kw  Air pressure:0.6Mpa  Thickness of plate:1-10mm 
Necking head diameter:150-1200mm Necking time:10-50s (adjustable)
Weight of machine:1.5-3T


No.DescriptionModel & SizeUnit
 Main Manufacturing Equipment 
1Hydraulic presser for blanking sheet630Tset
2Open mill and shearing machine set
3Round sheet cutting/blanking mould13KGset
4Round sheet cutting/blanking mould6KGset
5Hydraulic Drawing machine200/300set
6Drawing mould13KGset
7Drawing mould6KGset
8Trimmimg machineQK-5set
9Cleaning/polishing machine set
10Hole punching machine set
11Valve Seat Welding Machine set
12Shroud/handle welding machine set
13Bottom base welding machine set
18Assembly machine/assemble the two halves into oneZH-3set
19Circumferential seam welding machineHJ-3set
20Heat treatment/annealing furnace set
21Hydrostatic/pressure Testing UnitSY-4set
22Shot blasting machine set
23Powder coating line set
24Valve mounting machine set
25Leakage testing machineCM-3set
26Printing machineZS-3set
27Burst Test Unit set
 Auxilary Equipment 
1Mechanical power press100Tset
2Mechanical power press40Tset
3Hydraulic press200Tset
4Coding machine set
5Shrould rolling machine set
6Bottom base rolling machine set
7Bottom base welding fixure set
8Upper raduis rolling machine180Tset
9Mechanical power press63Tset
10Shrould mould set
11Bottom base mould set
12Printing mould pair

1.De-coil and punching machine for small round sheet cutting from big sheet(material preparing for shell)

2. Hydraulic press drawing the head(200-300T)

Press the round sheet into a shell with dies

3. Automatic trimming machine
This machine is reliable, easy to operate.
Technical data
Motor power:5.5KW   Air pressure:0.6Mpa   Trimming time:20s   Weight of machine:1.5T

4. End dish necking machine
Technical data
Motor power:4.5-11kw  Air pressure:0.6Mpa  Thickness of plate:1-10mm 
Necking head diameter:150-1200mm Necking time:10-50s (adjustable)
Weight of machine:1.5-3T

5.Cleaning machine
Technical data
Motor power:1.5kw   Polishing motor power:1.5kw*2  Air pressure:0.6Mpa
Polishing wheel feed range:0.2-20mm  Efficiency:180Pcs/hour  Weight of machine:1.2T

6.Hole punching machine
Punch the hole on head of the cylinder
Technical data
Motor power:5.5kw  Punching speed:180Pcs/hour  Weight of machine:1.5T

7.Valve Seat Welding Machine
To complete the welding of valve seat ring joints. Ensure uniform forming, good appearance, weld penetration and weld width meets the technological requirements, the clamping is convenient. Using submerged arc welding technology, girth welding at one time
Technical data
Rated voltage:220V Motor power:0.25kw Air pressure:0.6Mpa

8.Bottom base welding machine
Complete cylinder base girth automatic welding. To ensure concentricity, uniform forming, good appearance, weld penetration and weld width meet the technological requirements, the clamping is convenient. CO2 gas shield welding process, complete in one time welding.
Technical data
Current:AC380V+N    Motor power:0.55kw   Air cylinder pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

9.Protection enclosure welding machine
Complete cylinder base girth automatic welding. To ensure concentricity, uniform forming, good appearance, weld penetration and weld width meet the technological requirements, the clamping is convenient. CO2 gas shield welding process, complete in one time welding.
Technical data
Rated voltage:AC380V  Motor power:0.55kw  Air cylinder pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

10.Assembling Machine
To assemble both halves of the cylinder together and get ready for welding
Technical data
Cylinder diameter:250mm     Air cylinder pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

11.Circumferential Seam welding machine
Technical data
Voltage:AC380V+N  Motor power:0.55KW  Rotation speed:Max.10rpm/min (adjustable) 
Motor power:0.55kw

12. Gas car-bottom heat treating furnace machine
This furnace is designed to anneal LPG cylinders by applying flame from gas burner on the cylinders. It composes, burner, flaming chamber, smoke collector, rails, chain roller, exhaling system.
It feature includes, adjustable time, self-control thermometer, perfect heat treatment result and fire off pollution.
Technical data
Producing efficiency:75pcs/hr  Feeding type:Chain drive/cylinder feeding
Cleaning size:?320*700mm------?420*1250mm
Dimension:(L*W*H):12500*1390*1560mm   removable transport

13.Hydrostatic Testing Machine
The machine is special for steel cylinder of liquefied gas cylinders,applicable to manufacturers and testing station for wuthstand voltage test on cylinder.Irrigation,pressurization,pressure,maintaining centralized control and automatic pouring completed by using water pump,equipped with a water tank,water can be recycled.
Technical data:
Pneumatic pressure:0.6Mpa                    Motor power:3kw
Hydrostatic test pressure:3.2Mpa             Weight:1.1T

14. Cylinder drying machine
The equipment is used for drying the bottle cylinder after water pressure test.

15. Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Cylinder are predominantly used to clean LPG/CNC/GAS cylinder in a continuous through feed process, remove remains of casting sand and cores, rust, old paint, visible signs of welding, eliminate surface stress, improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, increases workpiece film adhesion of the paint job, and ultimately achieve the aim of improving the quality of surface and internal, prepare for surface protection (coloring, enameling, galvanizing, etc.).
Technical data
Produing efficiency:80-120pcs/hr        Shot blasting machine:2 sets
Hoist motor power:2.2KW                    Total power:31.2KW 
Weight:16T                                           Workpiece size:?320mm*680mm
Machine dimension:(L*W):7885*2460mm

16.Spraying production line
The spraying producing line for U track,using electric or natural gas,fuel oil,coal heating,hot air circulation,the allocation of fixed automatic spray gun 4,manual gun 1.Spraying powder or paint on the steel cylinders apperance.The cylinder into the oven drying after spraying
Technical data
Working voltage:380V 50HZ      Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
 Total power:15KW             Working efficiency:180Pcs/jr

17.Valve mounting machine
The equipment is suitable for the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder angle value installation and use,it absorbs the domestic and foreign advance technology,using electrical control,pneumatic clamping,torque adjustable device,when reaching a certain torque,and go to the specificed direction after the automatic shutdown.The machine operation and flexible,convenient and safe
Technical data
Motor power:2.2KW                           Motor speed:1400r/min
Work spindle speed:15.5r/min            Working air pressure:0.5-0.6Mpa
Consumption per hour:1.14m3           Clamping cylinder stroke:120mm
Rotation speed ration:1:59                  Weight:0.9T

18.Leakage Air Test Machine
The device for cylinder do tightness test with,composed of a water tank,a lifting cylinder,a bottle feeding machine,electric control part and other parts,work a bottle feeding mechanism of automatic cylinder will send to be test station,a lifting cylinder will fall into the water.the operating personnel rotation observations of the cylinder is not leaking cylinder,after the test and the cylinder out of water,a loop end.This machine is reasonable in structure,simple operation and maintenance.
Technical data
Air pressure:0.6Mpa                    Testing air pressure:2.2Mpa 
Holding pressure time:60s            Weight:1.8T

19.Burst Test Unit
Recorded automatically by computer. Easy operate and reliable.

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RFQ for cylinder production line for Hydrostatic Test Pump
Q: Can your machine be customized ?

A: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer specialized in automatic welding 

equipment more than 25 years, we have a strong design & technical team, 

we can design and manufacture as per your requirements. 


Q: How to get an accurate quotation ?

A: Please provide us the detail of the workpiece such as drawing ,daily out put


Q: What's the shipping cost from China to your country ?

A: We can send machine to your port by sea . Customers specify freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.


Q: Payment terms, MOQ, warranty, FOB...

A: Payment terms: 30% down payment against order by T/T, balance 70% before delivery.

Minimum order quantity: 1 set

Delivery time: about 45 days after receipt of formal order and 30% deposit.

Warranty: 12 months following delivery. We offer online service 24 hours all day long, Skype, 

Email etc. You can contact us any time, if urgently, please call us.


Q: what's the package ?

A: Fumigation-free plywood case with wrapping film. 


Q: Do you offer teaching & training ?

A: Training at supplier's plant.


Q: what's policy for guarantee and broken parts ?

A: Warranty period of equipment is one year, during this time the broken parts and spares 

caused by quality can be offered free.


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