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Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump/ Pressure Test Pump

Jul 11, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Pressure Medium:Water

  • HS Code:8413502090

Product Description

Hydrostatic test pump/hydro test pump

Model 2D-SY (6.3-80 Mpa) electric hydraulic test pump is the up-to-date series product designed by the Joint Design Group for Hydraulic Test Pump of the General Machinery Research Institute under the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. It features high level of " Mechanization, Electrification and Automation", long service life, stable performance, flexibility and lightweight that the old products enjoy. What's more, a drive unit and cross-like converter are added so that the comprehensive indicators of the series product can meet the requirement, various performances become more stable and reliable with safe and easy use and power conservation. In its structure, an enclosed water tank is used, thereby reducing the height of the whole unit and making it more compact and attractive.


Model 2D-SY (6.3-80 MPa) electric hydraulic test pump is mainly used in hydrostatic test for various pressure containers, oxygen cylinder, pipe, valve and steam boiler. It is a device in the new technology of processing and high pressure source for liquids in the lab.

The device is specially designed with clean water and emulsion livid of 5-60° C and oil of viscosity not more than 45 mm2/s as the working media. Its ambient temperature is 5-60° C.

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