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How To Select The Nitrogen Booster Pump Used In The Nitrogen Car?

Oct 20, 2020

As an inert gas, nitrogen has higher safety and stability. It is mostly used in various occasions such as gas spring packing, nitrogen protection, gas assist, and gas tightness test nitrogen filling. With the diversified application of nitrogen, the nitrogen needs to be pressurized twice to produce high-pressure nitrogen, but how to choose a high-pressure nitrogen booster pump? The following is broken down:


Nitrogen sources are generally divided into nitrogen generators and cylinder gas, one is low pressure gas 4-6bar, the other is high pressure gas about 13MPA.

1. The nitrogen of the nitrogen generator is pressurized with a first-stage booster pump, and the pressure can reach 8MPA.

2. For high pressure, a secondary booster pump is needed. The initial pressure of the nitrogen cylinder is relatively high and can be directly boosted by a first-stage booster pump.

According to the pressure and flow requirements of the pneumatic nitrogen booster pump, we can select the pneumatic booster pump according to the following process:  

1. Calculate the minimum boost ratio Ratio of the booster pump Ratio≥the pressure that the customer needs to achieve/0.7MPa, this is the first step.

2. Calculate the minimum per-stroke displacement q of the booster pump ≥ the flow rate required by the customer/(40~60), this is the second step.


Based on the results we calculated together above, then choose the most suitable one (the pressure and flow are close, and the price is the cheapest-under the same pressure level, the larger the pump, the more expensive the price; under the same series, the higher the pressure level, the higher the price The more expensive) pneumatic booster pump.I personally suggest that you must listen to the opinions of professionals before purchasing to prevent selection errors.

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