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FM200 filling system for sale

Sep 19, 2017

FM200 filling system for sale Basic Info

  • Model NO.: JZJS

  • Exhauster Method: Positive Displacement Pump

  • Work Function: Fore Pump

  • Theory: Vacuum Pump

  • Trademark: SUOTO

  • Origin: Shanghai, China

  • Structure: Rotary Vacuum Pump

  • Vacuum Degree: High Vacuum

  • Working Conditions: Dry

  • Type: Blade Pump

  • Transport Package: Wooden Case

  • HS Code: 8414100090

FM200 filling system for sale Description

JZJS Roots-Water Ring Vacuum Pump System is made up of the series connected roots pump and liquid ring pump, where the roots pump is the main pump and the water ring pump is used as the backing pump.

It overcomes the ultimate pressure difference when using a single liquid ring pump (compared with the liquid ring pump, the ultimate pressure of the unit is greatly improved), and the low pumping rate under a certain pressure, at the same time, retaining the advantage of the fast work and higher pumping rate of the roots pump. In particular, it is adapt to pump a great amount of condensable vapors.

Roots water ring vacuum system includes the following types:

(1) Roots pump-water ring pump: The liquid ring pump in this unit is used to produce the fore vacuum required for the roots pump. Generally, the ultimate vacuum degree of the single-stage water ring vacuum pump is not high, and the roots pumps require higher ultimate vacuum degree, thus, the single-stage liquid ring pump is not usually used as the backing pump of the roots pump. The two-stage water ring pump with lower ultimate pressure can be applied as the backing pump, to reduce the ultimate pressure of the unit.
The ultimate pressure of one roots pump and one water ring pump is 400PA, which can meet the general needs of vacuum. If combine two series connected roots pumps and the water ring pump, the ultimate pressure can be greatly increased (up to 25PA). Therefore, for this type, the combination of two series connected roots pumps with a two-stage pump as the backing pump is common to compose the unit. If need a higher ultimate pressure, a combination of three roots pumps with a liquid ring pump can be used, which ultimate pressure can be up to t 1PA.

(2) If the three-stage roots liquid ring unit can not meet the ultimate pressure, the roots pump-water ring pump parallel mechanical vacuum pump can be adopted; This unit is mainly for a vacuumizing system which is used to treat a great amount of water vapor, and requires a long time and a very high ultimate vacuum degree, e. G, in the vacuum drying area.
In the vacuum system which is used to treat a great amount of water vapor, liquid ring pump is more appropriate choice. However, its ultimate vacuum degree is not high, as a result, the ultimate vacuum degree of the entire unit is lower (relatively).

Although in the vacuumizing system requiring higher vacuum degree, the mechanical vacuum pump of higher ultimate vacuum shall be used as the backing pump, the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump and water-ring pump can be connected in series to act as the fore pump of the roots pump. In vacuum drying, first use the liquid ring pump for backing pumping until there is a significant reduction in water vapor, and then switch on the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump, and switch off the water ring pump.

FM200 filling system for sale Application
Roots pump-water ring pump system is widely used for the vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in the chemical industry; Freeze drying in the food industry; The vacuum drying in the pharmaceutical industry; The terylene section cutting in the light textile industry; The vacuumizing system in high-altitude simulation test, and so on.

FM200 filling system for sale Specifications

Pump System(kw)
MainPump PumpTwoPumpOneBackingPump
JZJS30-130400ZJ30  2SK-1.54.75Φ50Φ40300
JZJS70-270400ZJ70  2SK-1.55.5Φ80Φ40325
JZJS70-170400ZJ70  2SK-39Φ80Φ40420
JZJS150-2150400ZJ150A  2SK-310.5Φ100Φ40525
JZJS150-2A150400ZJ150A  SZ-25014Φ100Φ100610
JZJS150-1150400ZJ150A  2SK-618Φ100Φ50650
JZJS300-2300400ZJ300  2SK-619Φ150Φ50985
JZJS300-2A300400ZJ300  SZ-36019Φ150Φ1001015
JZJS300-1300400ZJ300  2SK-1226Φ150Φ1001485
JZJS600-2600400ZJ600  2SK-1229.5Φ150Φ1001520
JZJS600-2A600400ZJ600  2SK-2044.5Φ150Φ1252630
JZJS1200-21200400ZJ1200  2SK-3066Φ300Φ1254070
JZJS30-113025ZJ30 ZJ302SK-1.55.5Φ50Φ40380
JZJS70-217025ZJ70 ZJ302SK-1.56.25Φ80Φ40420
JZJS70-127025ZJ70 ZJ702SK-1.57Φ80Φ40440
JZJS70-117025ZJ70 ZJ702SK-310.5Φ80Φ40535
JZJS150-2115025ZJ150A ZJ702SK-312Φ100Φ40600
JZJS150-1215025ZJ150A ZJ150A2SK-313.5Φ100Φ40710
JZJS150-1115025ZJ150A ZJ150A2SK-621Φ100Φ50920
JZJS300-2230025ZJ300 ZJ150A 2SK-314.5Φ150Φ401150
JZJS300-2130025ZJ300 ZJ150A2SK-622Φ150Φ501350
JZJS300-1230025ZJ300 ZJ150A2SK-623Φ150Φ501510
JZJS300-1130025ZJ300 ZJ3002SK-1230Φ150Φ1001880
JZJS600-2260025ZJ600 ZJ3002SK-626.5Φ150Φ501665
JZJS600-2160025ZJ600 ZJ3002SK-1233.5Φ150Φ1001980
JZJS1200-22120025ZJ1200 ZJ3002SK-1240.5Φ300Φ1003200
JZJS1200-22A120025ZJ1200 ZJ6002SK-2055.5Φ300Φ1254270
JZJS1200-21120025ZJ1200 ZJ6002SK-3073.5Φ300Φ1254670