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Fighter In Pneumatic Booster Pump - Suncenter Liquid Carbon Dioxide Booster Pump

Dec 02, 2019

"Fighter" in pneumatic booster pump - Suncenter liquid carbon dioxide booster pump

"Your request, my pursuit" has always been the direction of the efforts of Dongguan Suncenter people. This direction leads Dongguan Suncenter to continuously innovate and strive for excellence to meet the increasing diversified needs of the market.

Recently, the powerful technical team of Dongguan Suncenter has independently developed a new generation of liquid carbon dioxide booster pump, which is called a “fighter” in a pneumatic booster pump! Let's take a look at the mysterious veil of this very "6" liquid carbon dioxide booster pump!


This is a liquid carbon dioxide booster pump that “teaches according to the material”. High-quality carbon steel or high-quality stainless steel is used according to different media. Moreover, the complete set of seals of the carbon dioxide booster pump that can enter the technical group method are high-quality imported products, thus ensuring The performance of the pump. This liquid carbon dioxide booster pump series has a drive piston diameter of 80 mm and a maximum large drive pressure of 10 bar.


The high-quality and high-quality liquid carbon dioxide booster pump adopts a built-in single-gas control two-position four-way valve to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump. The pump body part is all made of aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy parts are processed. It is oxidized to black, which ensures the appearance of the product and never rusts.

Is such a liquid carbon dioxide booster pump enough to get your heart moving?