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Consumption Of Gas Booster Valve Problem

Feb 21, 2017

Gas pressure booster pump valve called a variety of gas as the energy source,, access to work in the large area of low pressure on a piston gas (approximately 2-8bar) as the driving pressure, inside the booster valve by connecting rod and a small area directly connected to the piston air-driven reciprocating piston area constitutes. In each gas chamber cover contains input and output valve, air drive section contains a circular shaft and pilot valve. When access-driven gas, they can provide continuous reciprocating movement. Allowing the Steering valve, pneumatic control components in gas conversions, driven by high pressure gas in the small area of the piston.

As the gas booster valve is widely used, booster valve for gas consumption problem is of concern to many users, now we come and see:

1, gas consumption requirements General requirements for flow around 1m3/min, gas consumption has no fixed value when the pump load decreases, the frequency of the pump faster, load the larger, slower the pump frequency,

2. when the pump maximum output pressure is reached, the pump stops working,

3. not take gas, does not recommend using 220V power air compressor, 220V air compressor exhaust volume is generally smaller, booster pump can not play normal efficiency.