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Centrifugal Pump Why Return?

Feb 21, 2017

Liquid flow is maintained by energy gradient, flow down to near zero, due to fluid inertia force effect, has the potential to import around the circumference of the impeller speed increased, so near the wall of energy increases, which makes the energy necessary to maintain fluid flows along the lines the slope no longer exist, so back in the flow near impeller inlet. Head for a given diameter of the impeller of a centrifugal pump and flow are constant, moving head is a function of flow, some in the head flow curve, centrifugal head for head once, then reverse these pressure gradient, resulting in flows in the opposite direction, which produces backflows.

General pump return line to set, one can act as a minimum recirculation line, when user traffic is less than the nominal flow of the pump 30%, protect the pump; the second is to make the material flow within the tank to avoid tank somewhere in the dead zone, item aggregation, sedimentation, metamorphism, and so on.