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Are You Pick Right About Carbon Dioxide Filling Equipment?

Nov 05, 2019

Within the budget, the appearance should be good-looking, and the configuration should be high. It is the basic requirement for most companies to purchase booster pumps. Then the problem is coming, the ~~~ many similar products on the market, how many suppliers, how to "pick" the most suitable carbon dioxide filling equipment in the dazzling market? Here, Suncenter gives you "a few tricks" to teach you in what way to "examine" whether it is a good carbon dioxide filling equipment.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that the Suncenter carbon dioxide filling equipment is really good. why? Where is it? It is not a small series "Huang Po sells melons to sell and boast", our product can increase the pressure of very low pressure gas to a very high pressure, the driving pressure is ≤8bar, the pressure of the gas input port is 0.5-10bar, the maximum can be increased to 800 Bar, to the greatest extent to meet the "big pressure" needs of customers!

Next, give you an analysis of the advantages of the Suncenter carbon dioxide filling equipment compared to similar products, you also "inspected" it is not a good product!


In terms of appearance, the whole machine "line" is very smooth, and the connection is perfect. There is no extra space in the front, back, left and right. It is a 360-degree no-dead "beauty pump", look at the contour of the machine. One point is too cumbersome, one point is less and monotonous.

In terms of product features, the carbon dioxide filling system uses compressed air as a power source, and is automatically exchanged by a booster pump to automatically reciprocate the reciprocating pressurized driving agent for high-pressure conveying and filling. At the same time, the refrigeration equipment can be used to set the CO2 temperature in the pipeline, which is not affected by the ambient temperature, so that it keeps the liquid state during the filling process, greatly increasing the filling speed. When the delivery weight reaches the set value, the load cell transmits a signal to the solenoid valve, and the drive gas is cut off to cause the pump to automatically stop charging.


In terms of pressure: the carbon dioxide filling pump uses a built-in single gas-controlled two-position four-way valve to achieve automatic reciprocating motion of the pump, which can increase the pressure of very low pressure gas to a very high pressure, driving air pressure ≤ 8 bar, gas input port The pressure range is 0.5-10 bar and the maximum can be increased to 800 Bar.

"Focus on details and pursuit of quality" is the management philosophy of Dongguan Suncenter. This concept runs through every link of product development, procurement, production, commissioning and inspection. A strong technical team guarantees the low price, high quality and high performance of the company's products. After reading Suncenter's introduction to this carbon dioxide filling equipment, are you also excited? Do you also know how to find the "pump"?