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With this DGA02T pneumatic booster pump, you can achieve more...

Nov 05, 2019

With this DGA02T pneumatic booster pump, you can achieve more...

The technological advancement of pneumatic booster pumps is not simply reflected in the improvement of product performance, but is more reflected in the cooperation between many components. From the technical sources of pneumatic booster pumps, some technologies originate from the industry, and many technologies originate from outside the industry, which has largely changed the traditional understanding of pneumatic booster pumps mainly used in mechanical machine tools. Dongguan Suncenter introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad to produce various professional equipments such as pneumatic booster pump, liquid pump, gas booster system, gas-liquid pressurization system, etc., serving industrial enterprises such as electric power, petrochemical and metallurgy.


Below, let Suncenter take you from two aspects to understand the Suncenter DGA02T pneumatic booster pump.

First, the variety of pneumatic booster pumps

First of all, it is a diversified working medium that can act on various gases such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, methane, and natural gas. Furthermore, a variety of gas source driving methods, such as compressed air, nitrogen, etc., can be used as a driving air source for the booster pump, and are a highly integrated large component with multiple functions. This pneumatic booster pump is a plunger pump. When working, the booster pump works quickly and reciprocally. As the output pressure approaches the set pressure value, the pump's reciprocating speed slows down until it stops. At this point, the pump output pressure is constant, energy consumption is lowest, and the components stop moving.

From the market, we can see that the diversified working medium and air source driving method will be the development trend of pneumatic booster pumps. At present, many fluid equipment suppliers in China are stepping up research and development in diversification, and support all walks of life in more aspects. It is worth noting that the Suncenter DGA02T pneumatic booster pump only needs 6 kg of compressed air to drive, no need to use electricity to have a good explosion-proof effect, is an important part of the petrochemical equipment industry.


Second, the penetration of new materials and new power technologies

It can be seen from the material science that the impact of new materials on the pneumatic booster pump is undoubtedly huge. The use of new materials will make the mechanical performance of the pneumatic booster pump, the weight of the entire pump and the safety and reliability of the entire pump. Get further improvements. Dongguan Suncenter has a unique experience in gas pressurization. This DGA02T pneumatic booster pump uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve reciprocating motion of the pump. All are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is durable and practical. Safety and explosion protection.

In terms of new power technology, the exhaustion of traditional energy sources will certainly promote the development of new energy technologies. In terms of new power, the compressed gas drive used by Suncenter is especially suitable for explosion-proof applications. Even in dusty, humid and other harsh environments, it does not affect its maximum performance. In addition, this DGA02T pneumatic booster pump can realize automatic pressure keeping and continuous work. When the required pressure is reached, it will no longer move. It can keep pressure for a long time without consuming energy. When the pressure is maintained, the medium will not overheat and prolong. Media life.

Finally, it must be said that under the main trend of energy-saving, low-carbon, environmental protection and safety becoming the development of booster pumps, Dongguan Suncenter DGA02T pneumatic booster pump is suitable for H2S, petroleum gas mixture and other corrosive. The gas, the parts in contact with the medium are all made of 304 stainless steel, using corrosion-resistant seals. It has stable working performance, corrosion resistance and high efficiency. It is suitable for pressurized conveying, filling and sampling of various petroleum gases.