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Valve test stands

Feb 21, 2017

To this end, automation should be used, and the degree of automation and the level should be compatible with the manufacturer's production line and production process. Today, in most cases, the valve in the production process is highly automated, cost reduction potential has been minimal. Therefore, the random manual sampling methods, not only in technology has fallen behind and are no longer economically viable. 100% tests require highly automated detection systems. Automatic production line for automatic test of the valve and valve should be connected, and requirements within the required time to complete the inspection work. Simplify fastening fitting of the valve operation, multiple valve and test, automatic record of the test results is a very effective method. The past few valve manufacturers make valve testing system. Today, this work was handed over to a professional manufacturer to complete. 

Professional manufacturer through the use of standardized modules and components and modules and components specifically designed for users to achieve the specific needs of each user. Valve testing equipment, professional manufacturer of valve manufacturers can provide many economic and practical valve test automation solutions. Valve test rig for the valve leak test, strength test and other functional test of the valve body. Each valve test rig must be filled by the user need checking tables, audited, for standard or special design and manufacturing. Although the valve pressure testing standards vary, for every type of valve, however, roughly the same method. Most important of has following several: detection type: valve sealed sex test and the valve Rod leak sex test; water in the valve body sealed sex test; switch sealed sex test; safety valve of jump value test; detection object: gate, and as valve, and safety valve, and throttle valve, and check back valve, and swing type inverse check valve, and ball valve, and Regulation valve and other hollow of pump body, and valve body and shell body,; valve joins way: flange joins, and thread connection, and welding joins; detection media.