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Valve test bench

Feb 21, 2017

To ensure that the new production valves and check valves after maintenance of reliable quality seal, valve production and disintegration of the valves after inspection and repair of pressure test for final process is testing. The detection methods used should be based on national standards or international standards. American Standard (ANSI/ASME,API), German standards (DIN), European standards (EN) and international standards (ISO) are the most commonly used standards.

Can be divided into the following categories: cut off valves (gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, etc), control valves, safety valves, valve pressure testing standards vary, for every type of valve, however, roughly the same method. The most important of which are as follows: valve body strength test; check valve body, valve stems and valve shaft seal; the check valve seat or base (if possible) seal determined taking off pressure of the relief valve. Achieve maximum benefit and maximum benefits of lasting and stable is every health enterprise's business objectives. High product quality at a competitive price is an effective method, this requires the effective use of business resources. Valve test the effectiveness of economic means, at minimum cost and cost, implementation uses various criteria to test various valves not only that, but ideally also on valves valves from different manufacturers can be tested. Only 100% quality testing to ensure the reliability of each valve.