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There are so many turbocharger sellers, why do you choose the Suncenter DGM02 air booster pump?

Nov 04, 2019

There are so many turbocharger sellers, why do you choose the Suncenter DGM02 air booster pump?

Recently, affected by the global economic environment, many companies are facing the problem of declining performance and high internal costs. Under such circumstances, how to reduce costs and increase production capacity has become an important factor in the long-term development of enterprises. Especially for a wide range of equipment such as air booster pumps, it is the focus of the majority of users. Here, Suncenter is going to "enlarge the move", and discuss with you what should be paid attention to when choosing an air booster pump?


(1) Supplier. Generally speaking, enterprises with relatively large scales are relatively strong in their independent research and development capabilities and product quality assurance. Stable quality, timely after-sales service, and a strong technical background are desirable for a quality supplier. For example, our Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company specializing in fluid pressure conversion and control equipment. From price to quality, it is all praises!

(2) Product effect. Before purchasing the air booster pump, Suncenter can recommend to the peers or other users who use the equipment to compare and compare with the professional personnel, and know more about several brands to understand the performance, quality and after-sales of the product. Service, etc. Ask more questions before buying, no worries after buying.

(3) Quality certificate. When selecting an air booster pump, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the supplier can provide a product qualification certificate that meets the national standard, or an international certification. For example, the Suncenter air booster pump can provide CE certification, which is the most reliable product quality. Good proof.


(4) Appearance of the product. The intrinsic quality of the product can be judged to a certain extent by the appearance quality of the product. When purchasing, pay attention to the product to see if there are any bumps, damage, paint stripping and refurbishment.

(5) Product label. Generally speaking, the formal supplier will indicate the complete name of the product name, model, main technical parameters, manufacturer's name and factory data on the nameplate of the booster pump to indicate the safety and reliability of the pump.

(6) Product description. In addition, how can a manual air booster pump reduce the manual? Pay attention to the product model, name, safety warning content, main scope of application, main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, faults and exclusions on the instruction manual, and whether the warning content is comprehensive and detailed.

(7) After-sales service. The air booster pumps produced by the formal enterprises all have three packs of vouchers. In addition, we must also understand the length of the after-sales service and the cost, including those free and chargeable items.

(8) Product price. Finally, everyone is most concerned about the price! In addition to the above mentioned reference factors, when purchasing air boost, it is necessary to appropriately compare the quotations of each supplier according to the technical needs of the enterprise. To know that the same type of product, such as the price is too low, the quality of such booster pump is often difficult to guarantee. Suncenter suggested that in the same kind of products, you can choose the moderate price of the product, after all, the starting point of the purchase is to reduce costs and improve efficiency!


I don't know if the information compiled by Suncenter has helped the "big brothers" choose to use the air booster pump.