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SLM06 model refrigerant freon pump

Feb 14, 2018

Air driven refrigerant booster pump-SLM06

1. Product features

It's such a device that uses compressed air as power source, air driven refrigerant pump as pressure source and refrigerant as working medium, to get the corresponding high pressure value through regulating air drive pressure; and the ratio of output pressure to air drive pressure is 6:1. When air drive pressure and outlet pressure reach balance, the refrigerant pump will stop pressurizing, and output pressure will be stable at the preset pressure, so it has such features: explosion-proof, output pressure adjustable, small volume, light weight, easy to operate, reliable performance, wide application range etc.  

Cool operation—No heat generated during liquid transfer. Minor warming during vapor transfer. No refrigerant heating from the motor.

Safety—Pneumatically driven. Operates from air hose like an air tool. No electrical hazard.



2. Application:                                 

1. The pump is suitable for transferring R22, R134a, R407C, R410A etc refrigerant.

2. The pump can be also used for the recovery and perfusion of new type environment-friendly refrigerant, liquefied gas (CO2, SF6, Freon etc).

3. Pump configuration:

The refrigerant pump mainly consists of air drive chamber, pressurizing chamber, auto reversing valve, inlet check valve, outlet check valve, imported seal kits, air drive piston, pressurizing piston etc.

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Product Application

Oil Industry, Gas Industry, Chemical Industry, Fire Fighting, Research Institutions etc.


Our service

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