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Pressure test pump

Feb 21, 2017

Pressure testing pump is designed for all types of pressure vessels, piping, valves, boilers, cylinders, fire-fighting equipment, such as hydraulic pressure test and obtain laboratory testing equipment of high pressure liquid.

Testing the electric pump (electric pump) used to fill or to test various water, antifreeze and oil system. Saturn-electric test pump equipped with glycerine pressure gauges, provides reliable protection from vibration. Small size, light weight, the device is very easy to use. All working parts are made of stainless steel and brass. Height with graphite seal.

Test pump material can be stainless steel (SS316 or SS 304), cast iron is dependent on pump application. 316 stainless steel in the normal use of water for industrial and pharmaceutical applications, as the effect of the stainless steel at high temperature.

In order to minimize energy use, and ensure the correct match is expected to pump pump, pumping stations should be regularly tested.

Application of individual large pumps water, it is usually equipped with a centrifugal pump, cent should be efficiency. They should be individually tested to ensure that they are within the appropriate range, and replaced or properly prepared.