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Judgment and elimination of insufficient air pressure in High Pressure Compressed Air Booster Pump

Mar 24, 2020

Recently, the Dongguan Suncenter factory received after-sales response from customers, saying that according to the recent reports from their workshop staff, there were problems such as low compressed air pressure from time to time during production and equipment downtime due to low compressed air pressure. Because the time is not fixed, there may even be a short-term interruption, and then resume, and then interrupted again and again. Today, I asked the senior engineer of the factory department to ask the question about "the air pressure of the high-pressure compressed air booster pump is insufficient", and got the desired answer. Let me share it for everyone!

I. Preliminary judgment may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The barometer fails.

2. The pipeline between the high-pressure compressed air booster pump and the gas storage tank is broken or the joint is leaking.

3. Excessive deposits in the gas-air pipeline are blocked.

4. The exhaust valve of the high-pressure compressed air booster pump is not tightly sealed, and the seal of the pneumatic air booster pump is loose, causing air leakage.

5. The internal piston and piston ring of the pump body of the pneumatic booster pump are worn out and even leak.

Second, troubleshooting methods:

1. Observe the barometer. If the indicated pressure is insufficient, you can allow the pneumatic booster pump to run for several minutes. The pressure still does not rise or rise slowly; but when the pneumatic booster pump is deflated, there is a strong deflation reaction, indicating that the barometer is damaged. At this time, the barometer should be repaired.

2. If there is no problem in the above test, check whether there is any loose, cracked or leaky place from the high pressure compressed air booster pump to the air storage tank, to the control valve inlet pipe, and the joint.

3. If the high-pressure compressed air booster pump does not inflate the gas storage tank, check whether there is too much dirt in the gas-air pipeline and it is blocked. If it is blocked, remove the dirt.

4. After the above inspection, if the cause of the failure has not been found, you should further check whether the exhaust valve of the high-pressure compressed air booster pump is leaking, and replace or repair the damaged part according to the found fault.

5. Check whether the installation direction of the unloading valve is consistent with the direction marked (arrow).


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