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Hydrostatic test machine

Feb 21, 2017

0-500Mpa hydraulic test to meet the pipe fittings, valves, cylinders, such as pressure, static pressure, blasting tests.

Equipment characteristic

1, booster pump, easy adjustable output pressure of arbitrary, can be controlled, has memories of the instrument, record instant burst pressure.

2, advanced technology, reasonable structure design. With small size, light weight, good looks and elegant features.

3, all bearing parts are standard parts of international famous brand, without any welding, easy removal, safety, long service life and ease of maintenance.

4, can be used with manual control, digital display pressure gauge display, computer-controlled operations.

Technical parameters

1, drive air pressure range: 0.1-0.8 Mpa and output is proportional to the pressure and drive air pressure.

2, the maximum air consumption: 0.6Nm3/min

Hydrostatic test machine

Hydrostatic test machine

3, pressure measuring range: 0-300Mpa, according to the actual needs of customers, select the corresponding pressure.

4, medium: water, oil, emulsion, etc.

5, can be configured according to the customer requirements of portable recorder.