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Hydraulic test device features

Feb 21, 2017

1, the United States imported pneumatic pump pressure, test pressure is high, up to a maximum of 690MPa, output pressure can be adjusted stepless, boosting rates can be set free;

2, the use of the pump for pressure, flow more, testing a wider range to meet pressure test requirements within the 1~690MPa;

3, all the valves and the pipes are made of 316 stainless steel material for American imports may be applied to most liquids such as water, oil, emulsion test medium;

4, hydraulic test-bed by computer and single chip microcomputer two-stage control system, operation is completed on the entire test procedure are available on the computer, the computer automatically generate a pressure-time curve, and store a variety of data, test report can be printed at any time. Can also be switched manually through the button control test procedures;

5, during the test, automatic pressure compensation, has a test pressure, the stress tests high precision;

6 dual, the automatic pressure release and manual pressure relief pressure relief device, more pressure, time out, leakage alarm systems, makes the equipment more safe and reliable.

Field pressure testing 7, real time monitoring with cameras, you can realize the pressure test.

8, IVS-Test test software is mature and stable, humane operation interface user-friendly operation and monitoring.