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Gas pump operating principle

Feb 21, 2017

Gas drive: nitrogen, water vapor, liquid nitrogen and compressed air pipelines.

Output flow rate: one 0.3-0.69MPa compressed-air driven, you can get great output flow. Automatic pressure: work, work back and forth quickly, as close to the set pressure pump output pressure reciprocating motion slows down until it stops. And to keep up the pressure, energy consumption is very small, no heat is produced, part-free motion. When the pressure after the break the balance of pneumatic pump starts working automatically to the next balance.

Material quality: high voltage parts made of stainless steel. High pressure piston made of stainless steel and double seal.

Easy maintenance: less pneumatic pump parts and sealing, easy maintenance and low cost. Same series of pumps are all "o"-rings, maintenance package quick-wear parts are replaced, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Pneumatic pump lubrication before delivery, without external lubrication.

Keep hydraulic without consumption energy 2, and has explosion-proof function, without power or wire connection 3, and itself security 4, and structure small, weight light, not by weather changes effect 5, and easy achieved control 6, and anti-pollution 7, and output static pressure by drive pressure to regulation 8, and output pressure up 80000PSI of pressure 9, and in full load Shi very easy for started, and stop operation 10, and easy installation, operation.