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Gas-liquid pump

Feb 21, 2017

Similar to the gas-liquid pressurized pump pressure supercharger for large diameter air drive piston to exert a very low pressure, when this pressure in a small area when the Pistons, resulting in a high pressure. By one two five air control valve, booster pump continuous operation can be achieved. High pressure plunger constantly controlled by the check valve liquid discharge, pump outlet pressure with air pressure. When the driver and output pressure equilibrium between the liquid components, booster pump will stop running, no longer consumes air. When the output pressure or air pressure increases, the booster pump will automatically start running again until after the pressure balance is achieved automatically stops

Using non-equilibrium gas distribution valves to pneumatic control automatic reciprocating pump, pump gas driving parts using aluminum alloy manufacture. Wetted parts made of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the medium, the complete set of seals of the pump are imported quality products, so as to ensure the performance of gas-liquid pump.

Is a secondary booster pump, low pressure gas can be increased to very high pressures, driving pressure 7bar, maximum increased to 640Mpa. Other series in the switching mode of the series are exactly the same, compared with other series, he is able to produce twice under the same air drive pressure times the output pressure, pump used aluminum alloy and stainless steel.