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gas booster system

Feb 14, 2018

Suncenter - gas booster system are compact and delicacy solution tailored to customer specific requirements with gas boosters as well as all accessories to be fitted and installed in the frame or a closed cabinet.

To operate this system, the pressure gauges, valves and pressure regulators have to be fitted on panels. The outlet pressure is easily to be set through a simple air regulator.

The pump stops automatically when this end pressure is reached and restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure.

Suncenter - Pneumatic booster system are used for oil free compression of clean shop air as well as industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen,CO2, etc..Driven air from 3 bar to 8 bar (from air compressor).


Operating pressure up to 80 MPa, for higher pressure, pump with double driven heads is an ideal option. 


Pressure test with gas

Gas transfer and filling(Argon/Helium/Hydrogen/Oxygen/Nitrogen/CO2/NO2/CH4/LNG/LPG/CNG/FM200 etc.)

Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen

Supply for isolating gas systems

Gas assisted injection molding

Transfer of oxygen cylinders

Charging of breathing air bottles

Leak test

Hydrostatic Testing for valves, tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and tubing, pressure gauges, cylinders, transducers, well casings, BOPs, gas bottles and air craft components

Safety valve adjusting