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For so many years, the Suncenter box air booster is still so great!

Nov 03, 2019

For so many years, the Suncenter box air booster is still so great!

“Ingenuity quality” is particularly valuable in today's manufacturing industry. It refers to an attitude that is persevering, not motivated by external disturbances, carefully studied and the ultimate in its duties. As the representative of the booster pump industry, Dongguan Suncenter DGS-DGM03 box-type air booster equipment deeply cultivates quality and service during the period of its launch, and spares no effort to support users to "glow and heat" in their benefits.


As the best-selling product of Dongguan Suncenter, DGS-DGM03 box air pressurization equipment can be described as a masterpiece of high-end materials and superb craftsmanship. On the pump body selection, the box type air pressurizing equipment is made of aluminum alloy stainless steel. All the seals are imported high quality products. The maximum design drive pressure is 10 bar. In order to ensure the life of the pump, it is recommended to drive the air pressure ≤ 8 bar. The drive piston has a diameter of 100 mm and is a double-acting pump. At first glance, people instantly understand what is called "senior sense." In addition, this box-type air booster uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve reciprocating motion of the pump, and the fluency is absolutely "leverage".


The Suncenter DGS-DGM03 box air booster is also ingenious in its scope of use. It uses pure compressed air as the driving power source, the gas boosting pump as the pressure source, pure air as the pressurized medium, and the output air gas pressure is proportional to the driving air source pressure. By adjusting the pressure of the driving air source, the corresponding pressurized air gas pressure can be obtained. When the driving air source pressure and the pressurized air gas pressure reach equilibrium, the pneumatic booster pump stops the pressurization, and the output air gas pressure is stabilized at the preset pressure. Therefore, it has the characteristics of explosion-proof, energy-saving, environmental protection, adjustable output pressure, small size, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance and wide application range.

Suncenter not only focuses on the high value of the booster pump and the “God Operation”, but also spares no effort to consider the user thoughtfully, such as the air consumption and the matching of the air compressor. As is known, the air consumption is mainly determined by the number of reciprocations per minute of the piston of the drive cylinder of the booster pump. In the case where the pressure of the supplied air source is inconvenient, the number of reciprocations of the pump is determined by the pressure of the exhaust gas being large or small. When the pressure of the air supply is adjusted to the highest for no-load exhaust (such as when inflating the large-volume container to be inspected), it is the time when the pump consumes the most gas. As the air pressure in the test container gradually increases, the reciprocating speed of the pump gradually decreases. Until the driving air pressure is proportional to the exhaust air pressure, the pump stops working and the air consumption is equal to zero. The maximum air consumption of the gas booster pump equipped with the device is 0.6 m3/min. According to the conventional inflation condition, an air compressor with a displacement of 0.6-1 m3/min can be selected.


Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the development concept of “artisan spirit and ingenuity quality”. Its products have always maintained the same quality and are constantly optimized in service. As it turns out, Suncenter, who is doing a good job of every booster pump, is gaining more and more recognition!