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Carefully produced DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump equipment, don't you know?

Nov 01, 2019

Carefully produced DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump equipment, don't you know?

In the hot summer, the heat is hard to bear, walking on the road, minutes to be "melted" on the road rhythm! However, even in such a "bad" environment, according to the user's reaction, the continuous availability of the Suncenter gas-liquid booster pump is still very strong. Until today, some users have even used it for more than 5 years, still willing to use Suncenter. A large part of the special product is due to the continuous and durable durability of the Suncenter gas-liquid booster pump. Even after many years, the smoothness of the automatic reciprocating motion is still very strong. And with the advantages of imported advanced foreign technology, the user experience of the Suncenter gas-liquid booster pump has always been out of the leading position, and it must be said that even after several years of listing, Suncenter gas and liquid pressure boost Pumps still have very good competitive conditions today.


However, with the rapid development of technology, today's domestic fluid equipment control companies have also risen, making the products of Suncenter also suffered a lot, especially in the launch of various new pneumatic air-driven booster pumps. Since then, the attention of the Suncenter gas-liquid booster pump has been hit, causing many other products of the company to reduce its focus. However, despite the fierce competition in the current market, many suppliers are using the low-priced "boss attention, open the road" mentality, disrupting the order of fair competition in the market, making the market low-priced and inferior products flooding. However, the Suncenter people have always insisted on the initial heart, no matter how unpredictable the world is, as always, carefully do the pump and do every booster pump. Therefore, even in the face of such an "difficult" market environment, Suncenter still has such a booster pump, arguably the best-selling booster pump, which is still used by more than tens of thousands of users. Many users I even think that even with more updated pumps, it will always be at the top of the list, standing still, this product is -- Suncenter DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump.


Mentioning the Suncenter DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump, I believe that many merchants are still using it. Even nowadays users have more requirements for the use of gas-liquid booster pumps. The Suncenter DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump can still Perfect fit. Its light weight and easy to carry, large flow & pressure range, easy control and manual control to automatic control make the DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump still very competitive and easy to use even after many years of use. According to the medium, this gas-liquid booster pump is suitable for most liquids, no need to use electricity, even for dangerous occasions, and has a lot of new products on the market. I have to say that this performance is indeed awesome. Even if there are a lot of gas-liquid booster pumps on the market, many users are joining us to use our Saison DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump.


Here, Suncenter will give you a simple explain where our DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump is superior. This product uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve automatic reciprocating motion of the pump. The gas-driven liquid pump is partially made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum parts are processed and oxidized to black. Suncenter's liquid turbocharger products are aesthetically pleasing and never rust.

Moreover, according to some materials, carbon steel or stainless steel is selected according to different media. The complete sealing parts of this DGM04 gas-liquid booster pump are imported high-quality products, thus ensuring the performance of the Suncenter liquid pressure booster valve. This drive piston has a diameter of 160mm. The maximum driving pressure is 10 bar. To ensure the life of the pump, it is recommended to use a pressure of 8 kg or less.

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