Safety Relief Valve Test Bench

Suncenter SVT40-DN400-CC computer control model safety valve test bench Testing pressure range:0-480 bar.(for both water+gas pressure testing).For both NPT and Flange type valves with diameter range DN15-DN400

Product Details

Safety Relief Valve Test Bench 

For both NPT and Flange type valves with diameter range  DN15-DN400 

Computer control model with printer

For both air/gas+water pressure testing



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1. Product application and functional characteristics

Safety valve test bench is used for various safety valve setting pressure adjustment, the whole set pressure detection, discharge pressure detection, back seat pressure testing, assessment of its pressure safety performance etc.. ,



     2. System technical parameters and composition

A. pressure range: 0-480 bar for option(gas pressure and water pressure)

B. test medium: air, nitrogen, water;

C. test valve diameter: DN15-DN400 for option

D. pressure control accuracy: less than 1%F.S;

E. pressure measurement accuracy: 0.4 pressure gauge (optional higher pressure level);

F. Clamping way: hydraulic cylinder clamping;

G. station interface type: screw and flange type

H. clamping force output range: 0-50 tons;

I. supply voltage: 50Hz -60Hz ,220V/380V for option

J:Size:1500×1200×900mm(machine) +1500×800×800mm(clamping device)


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3. System composition


It consists mainly of high pressure power system, clamping device system, data collection test system

and so on



4.Schematic diagram


5.Instruction for software control part


Figure 1

The first step: start the computer and double click the boot program, as shown in Figure 1.

The second step: 1) after the program, enter the main interface of the program.


2)In the main interface, select the appropriate sensor, and pay attention to the selection of the sensor not to exceed the 2/3. of the measuring process ,as shown in Figure3


3) Display the dialog box for the test information, as shown below


With printer,could print the testing report directly.



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