Heat Exchanger tube Expanding Machine

heat exchanger tube expanding machine 1.Machine name : hydraulic tube expanding machine 2.Model No.: STE-400 3. Application: heat exchangers; boiler pressure vessels; condenser, manufacturing; installation and maintenance of the connection tube and tube plate of the special expansion equipment...

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heat exchanger tube expanding machine

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1.Machine namehydraulic tube expanding machine


2.Model No.:STE-400


3. Application: heat exchangers; boiler pressure vessels; condenser, manufacturing; installation and maintenance of the connection tube and tube plate of the special expansion equipment


4. Equipment description

Pneumatic hydraulic tube expander pneumatic is composed by hydraulic system, control system, expanding lumen, expanding rod and other components, which has the advantages of low labor intensity, high production efficiency; expanding quality uniform and reliable; expanding medium without pollution to the expansion pipe joint; residual stress; tube plate heat exchanger can be arbitrary for full thickness expansion; hydraulic expansion can not only ensure the expansion quality, prolong the life of the heat exchanger, but also improves the work efficiency, reduce labor costs. In the overhaul and installation of the heat exchanger, the pneumatic hydraulic tube expander is used to solve the problem of long time and high labor cost.



5. Main technical performance index




Max outlet pressure


Expanding speed

4-6 once /min



Mini expanding diameter


Working piece


Driven air pressure


Power device

DGGD400 Liquid booster pump

Control mode

Digital display screen + Manual

Power supply





6. Schematic diagram




7. Obvious advantages


1, can be arbitrarily set the the pressure holding time to ensure the expanding quality;


2, step up, unloading speed is fast, expansion joint speed increased exponentially;


3, the 10-400mm thickness of the tube plate for the full thickness of a one-time uniform expansion;


4, can be arbitrary depth of the middle tube plate or multi tube plate heat exchanger for full thickness expansion;


5, tube expanding of tube or seam welding;


6. The residual stress of the device is low, and the gap corrosion is not easy to be produced;


7, heat exchanger expansion after the axial not long and slightly shrink, it is conducive to reduce the running noise;


8, the hole diameter of the pipe is large, and the diameter of the expanding head can be adjusted appropriately;


9, the expansion joint is free of pollution, the first expansion after welding is not affected;


10, with the tube box of the heat exchanger at the edge of the expansion can be directly expanded (the maximum grinding head is 0.3mm) is very convenient;


11, a single person can operate continuously , each minute can expand to 5-10 tube head;

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